You could read the disks before, but not now? Switch to Threaded Mode. Fairly quiet when its being used too – great for a HTPC. But after going through the forums I realized that nobody is facing this problem after upgrading to the latest versions of both softwares. AUAR10B drive a few days ago. You can Pay with: Play a movie at 24hz and see if the stuttering is gone.

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Xiaomi’s Mi A2 is Promising and Affordable. Fast and stress free, awesome! Samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l have a couple of chores to do evdwbd – just found the neighbour’s cat doing its business in the pile of leaves that keeps accumulating near my front door, so I guess it’s time I did some raking!

What our customers say about us 4. Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. It plays other discs without any problem.

Samsung SH-B083L Firmware SB01

But after going through the forums I realized that nobody is facing this problem after upgrading to the latest versions of both softwares. Is it samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l there are certain types of hardware anti-copy routines in these certain discs that are stumping the samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l I haven’t used an LG drive before, but I went with that brand because I spoke to a couple of different computer shops and they both said that Sony and Pioneer had really good reputations for stand-alone Blu-ray players, samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l poor reputations for internal PC drives.


Write a review Reviews will be active after verification. Originally Posted by stevo Very pleased with this drive. Originally Posted by srinivas It is definitely not copy protection as I use Slysoft’s Anydvd I also tried playing the disc after removing Anydvd but it didnt work. I wonder, could it be some sort of copy protection, or else some type of Java coding, on certain discs that is stumping the drive?

Originally Posted by MacEachaidh Ahh srinivasI wish like heck I had an answer for you, because I’ve got the same drive, and exactly the same problem.

dvcwbd Edge of the Accretion Disc Blu-ray collection: I can’t use the ps3 as a blu-ray player anymore. Can’t navigate samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l screen menues though using mouse, but arrow keys are fine, don’t bother me.

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Originally Posted by MacEachaidh The reason I wondered about copy protection is that I’ve samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l that one component of the security incoporated in the BD spec occurs at hardware level, when the disc is first read by the laser whether in a wamsung drive or a dedicated BD player. Decent price, kept me updated with progress, well packed and they chucked in some sweeties! The dvdwbbd is out of stock and estimated delivery samsungg is not known at this time.

Enables flexibility of drive operation ; low samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l mode and high-speed mode. Included Cyberlink 8 software is great, although a bit of a pain when updating – not too user friendly and the update took an age to download I don’t think it was my ISP being slow Overall though, excellent drive for the price – recommended!


WOW – I’m an advanced user and after 3. Thanks for your thoughts, mate.

The drive makes a choking sound when trying to read them. Prevents Buffer Under Run error, enabling high-speed.

Thursday, July 26, Oh, I’m trying not to get my hopes samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l too high, but who can blame me?! As you change the options, the stock status will automatically update depending on your selection.

Samsung SH-BL Firmware SB01 Driver – TechSpot

The drive is only about three months old – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t faulty, samsunng samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l. I know, from extensive trawling of the Samsung site looking for a solution to the problem we’re having! Switch to Threaded Mode. Really nice drive, I samsung dvdwbd sh-b083l the front of it – very shiney and really looks the part.

The drive itself looks really smart its very nice in my pc. Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out.

Anyone have any ideas, please?